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"Planning Healthy Ramsey” is a multi-phased effort by Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health to partner with community members to assess, prioritize, develop and implement plans to focus resources for improved health in Ramsey County.  Our department will share documents and information with the community as we move through this process.  The end result will be the creation and implementation of a Community Health Improvement Plan involving County stakeholders, and strategic and quality improvement plans that will guide the work of Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health.
Overview - Planning Healthy Ramsey (pdf) | Chart - Planning Healthy Ramsey (pdf) 

Latest Updates 
The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners reviewed and approved the Ramsey County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 2014 – 2018 and the Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018 on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Community Health Assessment - version 3.20.2015
Looking for data on public health trends and concerns in Ramsey County? Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health coordinates the collection and analysis of health-related information that identifies community health trends and concerns that can be addressed through public health interventions. A comprehensive community health assessment report is then created with input from community partners. Printed copies of the current Community Health Assessment are available online and now also available at City of Saint Paul and Ramsey County public libraries. 2013 Community Health Assessment (22 MB pdf)

Community Health Concerns Survey
As part of its assessment of local community health concerns, Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health conducted a survey in March and April 2013 of individuals who live or work in Ramsey County. The survey asked the public’s opinions on a range of community health issues such as alcohol and tobacco use, access to medical and dental services, infectious diseases, the health of babies and children, and environmental issues. Results: Top 10 Concerns

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health Strategic Plan 2014-2018
Guided by the Department Leadership Team, the public health strategic planning process included substantial input from department staff, elected officials, key county stakeholders, and the community. The strategic plan provides guidance on department priorities and policies, cross functional activities, community partnerships and resource allocation.
Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018 (pdf)

Ramsey County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 2014-2018
The CHIP was developed by the Community Health Improvement Committee (CHIPC), composed of over 80 residents and community leaders from private, public and nonprofit sectors that shared their expertise in the process of developing this plan.  It creates a shared vision, establishes priorities and issues and identifies actions to address these issues | Ramsey County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 2014 – 2018 (pdf) | CHIP Five Priority Goals (pdf)

The CHIP will be implemented by five community action teams that will begin meeting in 2014 to determine the best course to act on CHIP's Five Priority Goals, and set final strategies.  Action teams will be the primary vehicle to bring the individuals and groups together to achieve the goals in the plan. Action teams are composed of committed community members with a strong interest in achieving the plan goals. |

Community Health Improvement Planning Committee (CHIPC)
The Saint Paul – Ramsey County Community Health Improvement Planning Committee (CHIPC) was convened to review community health assessment data, prioritize the County’s top health concerns and develop action steps in the form of a Community Health Improvement Plan. The CHIPC was comprised of members of the department’s Community Health Services Advisory Committee (CHSAC) and other community members.  The CHIPC met from April through November 2013, in a series of meetings that included over 80 residents and community leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

CHIPC Notebook
CHIPC members were provided with a notebook of materials that helped to create a common foundation of knowledge on which to base discussion and decisions. The materials contained in that notebook are available through links on this webpage. In addition to the 2013 Ramsey County Community Health Assessment (see above), the notebook also contains the following (pdf): CHIPC Introduction | Healthy People 2020 framework | National Prevention Strategies overview (5.38 MB) | Healthy Minnesota 2020 framework

CHIPC Meeting Materials 
The following materials (pdf) were provided to CHIPC members to guide discussion, collect information, and summarize discussion back to CHIPC.

November 4 - Agenda | Meeting Memo | Assets/Strengths Related to Goal Areas | Objectives to Address Goal Areas | Images Related to Identified Goal Areas
October 4 - Agenda | Key Issue Summary | Planning Definitions | Setting Superb Measurable Objectives | Images Assets Worksheet
September 4 - Agenda | Process Path | Voting Tool
August 7 - Agenda | Instructions: Key Issues Identification | Worksheet: Key Issues Identification | Top Issues from Community Health Assessment | Top Assessment Results - Consolidated | Forces of Change Analysis | Community Health Opinion Survey Results: Top 10 Concerns
July 1 - No meeting
June 5 - Agenda | Vision & Values summary | Forces of Change Analysis Compilation
May 1 - Agenda | Forces of Change worksheet
April 3 - Agenda | Notebooks were distributed and contents reviewed (see explanation above)

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