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In Your Neighborhood
Planning spring field trips?  A tour for a your science classroom at the Resource Recovery Facility in Newport is a great way to learn how waste from your garbage can is turned into electricity.  To arrange a tour call 651.266.1199 or email 

What's New?
Ramsey County’s Solid Waste Master Plan (pdf) has been approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  This plan sets policy direction and guides the County, municipalities, the waste-management industry and others in making decisions that protect public health and the environment, reduce a variety of risks, and stabilize the economics of waste management for residents and businesses. 

Through a number of mechanisms (including focus groups, electronic and telephone surveys, interviews, meetings, and social media tools), residents, waste-management professionals and representatives of municipalities and other public entities provided input into the development of this plan.   As a result, the final plan reflects the needs of the broader community as well as the perspectives of County and state staff. 

Ramsey County’s plan complements the Regional Solid Waste Master Plan (pdf). This multi-county plan, adopted by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board in December 2011, provides overall vision and includes high-level regional and partnership strategies to enhance solid waste management in the coming years.

Wanted: Community Feedback
Join the conversation about garbage and recycling on our HealthyRamsey or Green Ramsey Facebook pages. 
Reading Materials
Where does your garbage go?  Do you know?  This slide show describes some terms we use in our business and where garbage generated in Ramsey County goes.  Where Does Your Garbage Go? (pdf 3.8MB)

The waste management system is complex.  Minnesota has taken a systems approach to waste management intended to prevent pollution, conserve resources, protect health and the environment, and to not pass costs onto future generations.  Learn more about this complex and important system.  Solid Waste Management System Description (pdf)

We surveyed businesses and residents in Ramsey County during the month of June.  We appreciate the time busy people took to share their opinions and practices!  The survey responses will be considered as we move forward with our work and our new master plan.  2011 Business Survey (pdf) | 2011 Residential and Small Business Survey (pdf) | previous surveys 

Who makes decisions about solid waste?  Take a peek at the list of public and private sector participants (pdf).

So how much does Ramsey County recycle?  How many visitors come to our yard waste sites each year?  How many inspections are done?  Find out By the Numbers 2010 (pdf).

Ramsey County has a recycling rate of 54% but we can and want to recycle more.  Learn more about Ramsey County's recycling efforts (pdf).

Ramsey County staff have been national leaders in efforts to reduce the toxicity of the waste stream.  Learn more about our toxicity reduction efforts (pdf).

Reducing waste is the best thing!  Don't create waste and you won't have to throw it away.  Here's a peek into Ramsey County's waste reduction efforts (pdf).

Ramsey County's solid waste management system is complex, effective and accountable.  The system reduces risks to human health and the environment and is operated by a combination of private and public sector participants.  To learn more about Piecing the Puzzle Together (pdf)

The Waste in Minnesota chart shows boxes for all different kinds of waste and demonstrates that waste is complex.  Waste in Minnesota chart (pdf)

Additional Information
The Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Policy Plan establishes the policy direction for managing the Metropolitan Area’s solid waste through 2030.  This plan was recently adopted and will inform the development of the new Regional Solid Waste Master Plan and the Ramsey County Solid Waste Master Plan.   Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Policy Plan

The Regional Solid Waste Master Plan is the plan for managing the six-county metropolitan area's solid waste through the year 2024.  Regional Solid Waste Master Plan (pdf)

Learn more about waste and recycling at work and at home from

Minnesota statute requires Ramsey County to prepare and submit a solid waste management plan (Master Plan) after the State’s solid waste policy plan is adopted.  The Master Plan describes methods to diversify the solid waste management system beyond the garbage can by including provisions for waste reduction, the management of compostable materials, household hazardous wastes, food waste, and recyclable materials.

Minnesota statute also requires that Ramsey County have a solid waste advisory committee to aid in the preparation and revision of the Master Plan.  This year, through electronic media, focus groups, surveys and print, Ramsey County will open the opportunity to participate to a much wider audience.  In years past, a small number of participants provided valuable input in a series of four meetings over the course of a year.