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Homestead Commonly Asked Questions

What happened to the Homestead Credit?

The Market Value Homestead Credit was eliminated by State of Minnesota representatives in their 2011 legislative sessions.  HOWEVER, qualifying homeowners will still receive a tax benefit through the "Homestead Exclusion" implemented in its place.

The main difference between the "Credit" and the "Exclusion" is the way it's calculated.  The Homestead application and qualifying process remain unchanged.  Thus, new Homestead applicants will fill out the same Homestead application for the Exclusion as they would have for the Credit.  If your property was already receiving the Credit before the legislative change, you do not need to re-apply for the Exclusion. 

For more information on the change from Credit to Exclusion, please see this guide from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Do any of my relatives qualify if they live in the property?

A qualifying relative for homestead purposes depends on the type of property. 

  • For residential property, a qualifying relative can be a parent, child, stepchild, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, stepparent, parent-in-law, grandchild, grandparent, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece.  
  • This relationship may be by blood or marriage.
  • For agricultural property, a qualifying relative can be a child, grandchild or parent of the owner or a child or grandchild of the spouse of the owner.
  • For homesteading purposes a spouse is NOT a relative.

Do I have to apply for Homestead in person?

No. You can mail your application and documents to our office. We do not accept forms via fax or e-mail.  When mailing your forms, please make sure to complete the application in full for all qualifying occupants listed on the form. 

Will I receive a confirmation of my homestead application?

No. Check both your next Tax Statement/Value Notice and Truth in Taxation (TNT) Notice to verify the homestead status. You should verify these notices each year. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.  

What else do I need to file for Homestead?

If you are a new homeowner, we will need a copy of your deed and Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV). You would have received these from your title company at your closing.

How often must I file?

Once, unless any of the information on your original application has changed. Some examples of this include marriage, divorce, name change, trusts, death and life estates.

Do I need to tell anyone if I move or sell my house?

If at any time the property is sold, or you change your primary residence, you are required to notify the county assessor, in writing, within 30 days. If you fail to notify the county assessor within 30 days of the change, you will be required to pay the tax that is due on the property based on its correct property class plus a penalty equal to the same amount.

Change Information Notification Form (pdf)

Do I have to give you my Social Security number?

State law requires that the Social Security numbers and signatures of the occupants and their spouses must be on the Homestead application. (Minnesota Statutes, section 273.124, subd. 13)

If there is not enough space on the application for all required signatures and their Social Security numbers, please complete as many homestead applications as necessary.

Do you give my social security number to anyone else?

Social Security numbers are private data and your information is protected under the Minnesota Data Privacy Act. (Minnesota Statutes, section 13.02, subd. 12

Under state law, they may be given by your county assessor to the Minnesota Department of Revenue or other federal, state or local taxing authorities for use in determining whether you and the owner of the property to whom you are related have applied for the homestead classification for other properties in the state. (Minnesota Statutes, section 273.124, subd. 13).

If there is an error on my application does it get rejected?

Not automatically; it depends on the error. If you provide a daytime phone number or email that we can reach you at, we can often resolve an issue. Be sure to list your contact information on the application.

Is the previous address required?

Yes - If this is the first time you are filing a Homestead application or adding an additional owner, we need the new owner's previous address within the past 5 years.

No - If you are an existing owner and are filing due to a name change, change in marital status or are removing an owner, the previous address information does not apply. Simply fill in the same address as your property address or write "same as above."

What if I have a separate parking space or storage locker that goes with my homestead property? Does that qualify for a homestead exclusion?

Yes. Be sure to include the property identification number or legal description of the property associated with your living unit on your homestead application. It is eligible to receive the value exclusion also.

    • Example: You own a condominium with a detached garage and they have separate legal descriptions. Both qualify for the value exclusion.

Do I qualify for the State Property Tax Refund?

Only owner/occupants of homestead property are eligible for the State Property Tax Refund.  Relative Homesteads are not eligible for the Refund or the Renter's Rebate.  See the State of MN Department of Revenue website for eligibility requirements.