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About Us - Property Records & Revenue

The Department of Property Records & Revenue is proud of its history as one of Ramsey County's founding offices.  Since 1849, Property Records and Revenue has overseen the services of property ownership recording, valuing all property in the County, treasurer and auditor functions overseeing the collection, balancing and settlement of all monies collected by the County and the facilitation of local, state and national elections.

In 2007, our valuations staff valued and classified the 167,534 residential and commercial parcels that make up Ramsey County. The appraised value of all taxable and exempt property in the County is $61,696,247,900. In 1849, the appraised value of all property in the County was $85,000.

In 2007, $573,500,067 in property tax revenues were collected and redistributed to the taxing authorities in the County. Property Records and Revenue also acts as the "bank teller" for all revenues collected by the various departments throughout the County.

The last couple of years have brought record levels of property recordings due to low interest rates and incentive financing. In 2007, the number of documents submitted leveled off and staff recorded 108,215 filings.

Following are the major work areas and their mission statements:

  1. Assessor’s Office has a mission to provide an accurate and equitable valuation and classification of all real and taxable personal property located in Ramsey County. As part of this mission, the Valuation Staff will maintain property field records, foster an open, trusting professional relationship with the taxpayers we serve. Staff is also responsible for processing and maintaining all homestead filings and records.

  2. Elections administers elections in Ramsey County in a fair, honest, impartial, accurate and efficient manner. They're responsible for current and accurate voter registration records, timely absentee voting, accessible and convenient polling places, competent and knowledgeable election judges, accurate printed ballots, certified and accurate election results, accurate and timely election information, trained and informed local election officials, accurate candidate filing, and secure archival materials.

  3. Property Tax Services is first and foremost a customer service division comprised of five main sections: Payments Processing, Delinquent Tax processing, Tax Forfeited Land & Licensing, Public Information Services, and Local Government Policy & Research.

    • Payments Processing, Delinquent Tax Processing, and Public Information Services are committed to providing accurate and timely information, collecting and processing all property taxes and miscellaneous county fees, managing delinquent tax accounts, and maintaining taxation records.

    • Tax Forfeited Land directs the County’s tax forfeited lands program according to established County policies and State laws so that forfeited property is either managed in public trust by Tax Forfeited Lands, returned to the tax rolls by allowing a repurchase by the prior owner, sold at public auction, or sold to a government agency through a purchase or use deed application.

    • The Licensing section issues the following licenses for the County: Auctioneers - resident and non-resident, liquor licenses for townships and the State Fair, Gambling –Bingo & Raffle permits in Townships, Precious Metal dealer and transient merchant licenses.

    • Local Government Policy & Research’s mission is to provide quality service and information pertaining to property ownership, valuation, revenue, and record maintenance in accordance with laws and regulations. The Tax Accounting team provides necessary and complete taxation, accounting, auditing, tax billing, tax distribution and reporting services as required by Minnesota Statutes and our diverse internal and external customer base. Services must be delivered in a timely, accurate, efficient manner and in a customer understandable format. Our primary customers are local and state governmental entities and taxpayers.

    • The Policy & Research Section involves several areas that interact heavily with other governmental units: property taxes, economic development and tax legislation. The section analyzes the impact of proposed and enacted tax legislation on units of government within Ramsey County to produce timely and comprehensive reports on topical issues in government finance, property taxes, economic development and governance that can be used by policy-makers in their decision-making processes.

  4. Recorder and Registrar of Title’s mission is to preserve land title records for all real property lying within Ramsey County. We accomplish our mission by permanently recording, indexing and preserving each document on microfilm or an electronic format for future reference and use. We assist the mission of the Property Records and Revenue Department by providing property ownership and encumbrance information as needed and requested by those in the land title business, the mortgage industry and the public in support of their role in promoting and achieving home and property ownership for the good of the family, community and nation.