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Property Tax Petition FAQ's

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What is a Property Tax Petition?

A Property Tax Petition is an attempt by a property owner to change the amount of property taxes they pay on their property by appealing to the Minnesota Tax Court.

Who can submit a Property Tax Petition?

Any property owner can file a petition, if they feel that their property taxes should be different than originally determined.

How do I file the petition?

Please see the 7-Step Guide for detailed, step-by-step instructions.

When should I file my petition?

The deadline to file your petition is April 30 of the tax year that you are appealing, as mandated by Minnesota Statute section 278.01, subd. 4.

How much does it cost to file?

It depends.  Any owner of Ramsey County property can file a petition in the Regular Division of Tax Court, which costs $310 plus the $10 Law Library fee.  However, if your property meets one of the following three criteria -

  • It has a market value of less than $300,000;
  • It is a residential homestead with only one dwelling unit; or
  • It has been denied homestead classification and you are appealing that denial

- then you are eligible to file your petition in the Small Claims Division, which costs $150 plus the $10 Law Library fee.

Am I guaranteed a tax reduction if I file a petition?

No.  There is always the chance that the tax court will not grant you a tax reduction.  Also, your petition can be dismissed without a verdict if you fail to take some of the steps necessary to complete your filing.  Please read more about this on the Dismissal of Property Tax Petition page.


Additional information is available through the Minnesota Tax Court or Minnesota Revisor of Statutes.

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