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Top 10 Reasons for Rejecting a Document

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1. Fee is incorrect:

  • No payment is provided with the document.
  • Some fees are missing, such as the Conservation fee, State Deed Tax (SDT), Mortgage Registry Tax (MRT), or the recording fee.
  • All fees are provided, but one or more are an incorrect amount.
  • Additional Torrens fees are required when more than one Certificate is affected or a Residue Certificate must be created.

2. Legal descriptions are incomplete, missing or incorrect:

  • The legal description must be for property in Ramsey County.
  • The document refers to Appendix A as the location of the legal description, but Appendix A is not attached to the document.
  • A partial legal description is inappropriately copied from a tax statement or tax records.
  • Lots and blocks are transposed or a typographical error results in an incorrect legal description.  
  • For Torrens documents, always check a legal description against the Torrens Certificate. The legal description on the document should follow the legal description on the Certificate.

3. Marital status is not indicated or a spouse’s signature is missing. Note: Minnesota Statute 507.02 requires a spouse's signature for some property transactions.

  • Acceptable marital statuses include:
    • Husband and wife
    • Person A married to Person B and Person B married to Person A
    • Person A and Person B, married to each other 
    • Single
    • Divorced and not remarried
    • Widowed and not remarried
  • Unacceptable marital statuses include:
    • Marital status not indicated
    • Married
    • Divorced
    • Joint tenants
    • Widowed

4. Notary acknowledgement is incomplete or missing.

  • A notary is available in our office. 

5. Reference numbers are incorrect or missing (Torrens documents). 

  • Example: We cannot record a satisfaction of mortgage where a document number provided isn’t a mortgage on that property.

6. The document presented for recording is not an original or certified copy.

7. Signatures on documents are missing or are not originals. 

  • Documents must contain original signatures of the parties who execute it and the notary public or other officer taking the acknowledgement.

8. Alterations have been made or white out has been used on the document.

9. “Drafted by” statement is missing:

  • The name and address of the person or corporation drafting the document must be stated.

10. The document is not dated.