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Building Locations
Union Depot, Suite 200
214 4th St. E
St. Paul, MN 55101

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High Speed Rail

High-speed rail is passenger rail service on rehabilitated freight railroad tracks using modern train equipment and improvements such as reduction of grade crossings to allow for higher rates of speed than traditional passenger rail service.

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Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission: One of the leading authoritative voices on high-speed rail in Minnesota. Comprised of local elected officials, the commission advocates for the development of Minnesota's first high-speed rail line within the federally designated high-speed rail corridor that connects the Twin Cities to Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.

The proposed 110 mph high-speed rail line along the upper Mississippi River is identified as a national priority route with the ability to make a single investment that simultaneously benefits high-speed, passenger, commuter, and freight rail.

Learn more about the project and the Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission here.

Midwest Regional Rail Initiative: A multi-agency effort involving 9 states and 3,000 miles of high speed passenger rail service. The 9 states are Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. See a map of this proposed system.

Midwest Regional Rail Study:  The multi-agency group completed a feasibility study in February 2000. Highlights from the study are: Total 9-state system costs $4.1 billion (1998); Chicago-Milwaukee-Green Bay route (includes Chicago-Twin Cities) costs $978 million (1998); Phased ten-year implementation schedule proposed; Chicago-Twin Cities route proposed near end of implementation schedule; Twin Cities-Chicago portion of system is 525 miles--130 miles of that portion is in Minnesota from La Crescent to St. Paul

The Union Depot in downtown St. Paul is the terminus for the Chicago-Twin Cities segment.