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Many city and county governments have implemented public collection systems.  While all public collection systems have at least one common feature - public involvement in the collection of waste - many differences can be found based on local needs and priorities.  These summaries give a quick overview of some of the features of several systems researched as part of the Public Collection Study by Ramsey and Washington Counties.  Information presented here is from conversations with local contacts and published materials from several cities and counties in Minnesota, other states, and Canada.

Case Studies (pdf)
Babylon, NY | Central, VA | Clark County, NV | Contra Costa County, CA | Gwinnett County, GA | Hillsborough County, FL | Kansas City, KS | Miami, FL | Minneapolis, MN | North St. Paul, MN | Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority, PA | Olmstead County, MN | Palm Beach County, FL | Portland, OR | Seattle, WA | St. Cloud, MN | Stearns County, MN | Stonington, CT | Toronto, Ontario | Tulsa, OK 

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