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Public Collection:  Final Report

Table of Contents

Final Report (pdf)

 Analysis of Options (pdf)

  • Implement Public Collection
  • The Proposal by NSWMA
  • Discontinue Resource Recovery after 2007
  • Restructure Financing and Regulation

 Conclusions (pdf)
 Recommendations (pdf)

  1. County Board Resolutions (pdf)
  2. Problem Statements
    1. Source Reduction (pdf)
    2. Recycling (pdf)
    3. Resource Conservation (pdf)
    4. Illegal Dumping (pdf)
    5. Traffic Issues (pdf)
    6. Industry Consolidation (pdf)
  3. Data about the existing solid waste system (pdf)
  4. Public Collection Case Studies
  5. 2001 Citizen Survey on Waste Collection (pdf)
  6. Summary of Solid Waste Related Surveys
  7. City and Township Histories Related to Public Collection
  8. Foth and Van Dyke Study: Resource Recovery vs. Landfill Gas
  9. Public engagement process and results
    1. Washington County Municipalities (pdf)
    2. Ramsey County Municipalities and Planning Districts (pdf)
    3. General Public (pdf)
    4. Businesses (pdf)
    5. Waste Industry (pdf)
  10. Report on Focus Groups (pdf)
  11. Description of a Hauler Collected Service Charge (pdf)
  12. Organized Collection Process Using Minn. Stat. Section 115A.94 (pdf)
  13. Administrative Costs Associated with Public Collection (pdf)
  14. Financial Information (pdf)
  15. Correspondence from NRG and Xcel (pdf)
  16. Preliminary Framework for Public Collection (pdf)