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Ramsey County Home Rule Charter

Ramsey County is the first and only Minnesota County to be governed by Home Rule; all other counties are governed by state statutes. The Charter is like a constitution for the county. It spells out the duties and responsibilities of the county government.

The Charter Commission is a 17 member standing commission appointed by the District Court. There are two from each County Board Commissioner District and three at large.  Members serve staggered four year terms.  A member and staff listing can be located here.

The Commission's duty is to periodically review the charter and propose necessary amendments. It also reviews and recommends proposals from others. The commission has the authority to submit proposed amendments to an election. 

Home Rule Charter
Schedule and Agendas
A Ramsey County Citizen's Guide for Using Initiative & Referendum
Information on Charter Amendment Process

Annotated Charter  

Position Papers which explain the intent of the Ramsey County Charter Commission - Aug 1990