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Family Child Care (Day Care)

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Licensing Information: 651-266-3781                             
Child Care Assistance Payments: 651-266-4019
Child Protection Intake 651-266-4500


Child Care Services help families survive & thrive

Child Care Licensing

Ramsey County is responsible for licensing family child care homes in the County.  Licensure is required for any provider who cares for children from two or more families unrelated to the provider. Ramsey County conducts orientations, background studies, home interviews, safety checks, recommends licensure, conducts investigations, and supports providers in meeting the health and safety needs of the children in their care.  Learn more about license fees

General Licensing Information

Minnesota State Statutory Requirements for Licensed Child Care (Licensing rules for Providers) are set forth in Minnesota Rules, Parts 9502.0300 –9502.0445, and Minnesota Statutes 245A and 245C, which govern licensing of Family Child Care and Group Family Child Care.

These rules define minimum standards a Provider must meet in order to be recommended for licensure. The standards also relate to caregiver qualifications, caregiver training, license capacity, age distribution restrictions, behavior guidance, provider records, activities and equipment, safety of the physical environment, sanitation and health, and nutrition.

Legal Unlicensed Child Care

People who provide childcare in Minnesota must have a license from the Department of Human Services. It is a misdemeanor to provide childcare without a license. Under Minnesota Statutes, Section 245A.03, subdivision 2, there are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. You may provide care for children who are related to you, and children from one single unrelated family. 
  2. You may provide unlicensed childcare for a cumulative total of less than 30 days in any 12-month period.

Registered Unlicensed Child Care

Both Licensed and Legal Unlicensed Family Child Care Providers may be “Registered” to provide care to children whose parents are eligible to receive childcare subsidy. Such registration allows providers to receive payment from the Child Care Payment Department based on state and county guidelines. For more information contact the Child Care Payment Unit at 651-266-4019.

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