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Child Protection Services (CPS)

Adult Protection Services

Boy looking sadTo make a report call:     651-266-4500
After regular hours call:  651-291-6795
For immediate danger call:                911


Ramsey County Child Protection screens suspected neglect, mental injury & physical or sexual abuse of children. We offer child protection assessments and other services.


Ramsey County Services

Child Protection Initial Screening for Maltreatment

Ramsey County has specific screening criteria, which follow Minnesota Statutes 626.556, "Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors." The criteria promote consistency for screening and assessment of child abuse and neglect reports.  We also provide assessment and screening processes of child abuse and neglect reports in Ramsey County.
Screening Criteria (pdf)  |   Maltreatment Report Fillable Form (RCHS 2993 pdf)  |  Maltreatment Report Form as MS Word

Child Protection Assessments for Specific Populations

Juvenile Perpetrators of Sexual Offenses - Non-Familial

    1. Callers will be encouraged to contact parents of the perpetrator and the police.
    2. If police have not been notified of an act that if committed by an adult, would be a criminal offense, Child Protection notifies them.
    3. If there is reason to believe a perpetrator is a sexual abuse victim, or has been in the last 3 years, an abuse assessment is conducted.

Minor Mothers

Following a report that a minor has given birth, the minor mother is contacted. An assessment is made of plans for her and her child.
Reports of a minor mom under 16 married and/or not living in parental home will be assessed as neglect by CPS.

Children's Mental Health

This program assists children with severe emotional disabilities and their families to plan, access, and coordinate mental health services. Criteria are as follows:

  • Current diagnostic assessment completed by a mental health professional within 90 days of referral. This assessment must include a DSM-IV mental health diagnosis and a current CGAS rating at 40 or below, supported by documentation of specific behaviors. We do not accept GAF ratings.
  • Documentation of previous treatment efforts should be included along with a statement that the child's problems have been at this level for one year, or if no intervention is provided these problems are likely to continue at this level for one year.
  • If outpatient therapy and/or medication are the only interventions needed, the child is not eligible for case management services.

Children with Developmental Disabilities

A child with a developmental disability (IQ of 70 or below) or related condition will be assessed for services.  A child has a "related condition" if they have a severe, chronic disability:

  • Attributable to cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, or any condition other than mental illness, found to be closely related to developmental disabilities. The condition results in impairment of intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior similar to  persons with developmental disabilities and requires similar treatment or services.
  • Likely to continue indefinitely.
  • Resulting in substantial functional limitations in at least three major life activities areas: Self-care, understanding and use of language, learning, mobility, self-direction, or independent living capacity.
  • A person with a physical disability, which meets above functional limitations.

Additional Ramsey County Child Protection Services

  • Intake for requests by counties/states who have determined maltreatment on parent who moves to Ramsey County. We require supporting documentation from referral source.
  • Courtesy interviews for other counties/states outside of the Metro County Agreement area, when a victim moves to Ramsey prior to where assessment is being conducted. If criminal investigation is completed, the request is sent to appropriate police department.
  • Family or Domestic Abuse Court assessment referrals.
  • Police or Ramsey County referrals for assessment of a child under 10, who violated statutes to the degree that if they were older, a delinquency petition would have been filed.
  • Foster care interstate referrals for relative or non-relative foster care.
  • Placement of children who need care while parent is in hospital/treatment, if no responsible relatives are available.
  • Requests by Financial Assistance Services to approve service plan and financial assistance for children ages 16-18 living independently.
  • Requests by Financial Assistance Services to determine relationship of non-adjudicated custodial dads, or when caretaker has questionable documentation of relationship.
  • Refer victims of non- familial sexual abuse to counseling resources.
  • Adoption subsidy requests for changes in adoption subsidy.
  • Home studies of parents when another state has custody and requests home study through interstate compact.
Learn how you as a Citizens Advisory Council member, can make a difference for children who may need protective services.