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Waste Hauling in Ramsey County
Ramsey County’s Solid Waste Ordinance (pdf) requires any company that collects and transports Mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from customers located within Ramsey County obtain a license.  A license is not necessary to collect and transport Construction and Demolition waste. 

How to Get a Hauler's License
If you haul mixed municipal solid waste for hire in the 6-county metro area, (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington Counties), you are required to obtain an annual waste hauler license from the county where your business is located (base county).  The license is called the "Regional Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Transportation License." 

The cost of the license is $50.00/truck for a license year, which runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.  License fees are paid to the base county.  A hauler may obtain a license to operate in any of the 5 Metro Counties at no additional costs.  However, we ask that you only request licenses from the Counties you know you will be operating in and add additional counties later as needed.  If you are based in Ramsey County or are located outside the 6-county metro area, please call 651.266.1199 or AskEH

Cities and other counties may have their own license requirements to operate within their jurisdiction - please contact them directly for more information.  Contact information for other metro counties:
Anoka County Department of Community Health and Environmental Services | 763.422.7063
Carver County Department of Environmental Services | 952.361.1800
Dakota County Environmental Management Department | 952.891.7557
Hennepin County Department of Environmental Services | 612.348.3777
Washington County Public Health and Environment | 651.430.6655

The County Environmental Charge
Haulers that collect and transport MSW from customers located within Ramsey County must apply the County Environmental Charge (CEC) to the cost of providing that MSW service.  The CEC is a hauler-collected service charge, and “County Environmental Charge” must appear as a separate line item and amount on your MSW customer’s bills.  Each month, haulers must submit a report to the County that details their MSW revenues and the charges collected.  Also each month, haulers must submit payment to the County for the CEC charges collected.  To speak to someone about the CEC, call 651.266.1199 or AskEH.  
County Environmental Charge (CEC)2012 CEC Guidelines for Haulers (pdf)

Rebates Available
Licensed haulers that deliver waste to the Ramsey/Washington County Resource Recovery Facility in Newport (or to the authorized transfer station) may be eligible to request a rebate for each ton of waste delivered.  Hauler Rebate Program Overview (pdf) | Hauler Rebate Form (pdf)

Local and State Waste Management Rules
Ramsey County Solid Waste Ordinance (pdf) | State of Minnesota Solid Waste Rules (The state's infectious waste rules are part of the solid waste rules and can be found at 7035.9100-9150)

Information for Your Customers 
Household Hazardous Waste | Yard Waste Collection Sites | County Environmental Charge

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