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County Environmental Charge (CEC)


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What is the County Environmental Charge?
The County Environmental Charge (CEC) is a fee billed by licensed haulers to their customers in Ramsey County.  The fee is based on the amount of trash that each customer produces.  Because the CEC applies to trash, and not to recyclables, the CEC acts to reduce waste by getting people to recycle and compost more. 

The "County Environmental Charge" should appear on your garbage bill as a percentage of the cost of trash services. These services can include waste collection and disposal, container pick-up fees, fuel surcharges, and account start-up or cancellation fees and other administrative fees.  In 2013, the CEC rate for residential customers is 28%, and the CEC rate for non-residential customers is 53%. 

Here is an example of a residential customer’s trash bill and how the CEC is applied:

Basic 90-gallon trash service for 3 months


CEC applies to the cost of trash service

Fuel surcharge


CEC applies to the fuel surcharge

Cost of trash service


Total amount subject to the CEC

County Environmental Charge


28% of $54.50

9.75% State Solid Waste Management Tax


9.75% of $54.50

Total trash bill


The customer pays $75.08 to the hauler, and the hauler remits $15.26 to the County and $5.32 to the State.

The CEC does not apply to the cost to manage construction and demolition waste, recyclables, medical/infectious waste, certain types of industrial waste, and organic materials collected for composting.  The CEC also does not apply to other taxes or government fees.

Your trash service provider is responsible for remitting the CEC to Ramsey County.  If you do not pay for trash services directly, the CEC may be included with rent or other charges from your landlord or property management company.

Services Funded by the CEC
The CEC largely pays for waste handling at the Ramsey/Washington County Resource Recovery Facility, where most of the garbage from Ramsey County is delivered and processed into fuel for generating electricity in Minnesota.  The CEC also supports County waste management programs like household hazardous waste and yard waste collection, and waste reduction education.

More CEC Information
CEC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs; pdf) | CEC Monthly Report for Waste Haulers | 2014 CEC Guidelines for Waste HaulersRamsey County Solid Waste Ordinance (pdf) | AskEH | 651.266.1199


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