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Grant Programs

Public Entity Innovation Grant
This program provides financial assistance to public entities for the purpose of creating and implementing innovative programs to increase source reduction and residential recycling efforts, initiate residential organic management programs, expand public space recycling and address bulky waste management.  Eligible applicants include municipalities, Independent School Districts, park boards, watershed districts, libraries and other public entities in Ramsey County. Public entities with creative ideas are encouraged to apply! 
For more information contact Rae Eden Frank | 651.266.1153

School Recycling Bin Grant
This program provides recycling bins and containers for the purpose of increasing recycling in public K-12 schools in Ramsey County.  Benefits from this program include increased opportunities for source reduction, recycling and organics management in schools.  It will also create greater efficiency and potential cost savings for schools by developing a resource management approach to waste and recycling.   
For more information contact Joel Andersen | 651.266.1178

Fix-It Clinics
Have broken stuff lying around? Don’t trash it – fix it! Come to a Ramsey County Fix-It Clinic where you can get free assistance to repair broken items like small household appliances, clothing, electronics and more.
Fix-It Clinics

Trash Tour
A visit to the facility in Newport is an eye-opener! Anyone interested in seeing what happens to trash can arrange an onsite presentation at the Resource Recovery Facility. Consider borrowing the Trash Trunk toolkit (see Toolkits section) before your tour for a well-rounded educational experience.
651.266.1199 | schedule a tour | directions (pdf)

These toolkits are for interactive presentations on environmental topics.  They work well for schools, non-profits, scouts, churches and other community groups.  Content is designed for youth ages 5-12, but can be adjusted for groups of any age.  When a kit is reserved, you will also receive a presentation outline geared toward your group. 

By composting, you can convert organic wastes — yard trimmings, leaves and many kinds of kitchen scraps — into a dark, crumbly mixture that can be used to improve soil.  Learn how home composting works and use props to show what can and can't be composted in a backyard bin. 
request a toolkit | request a presentation | photo


Household Hazardous Waste
Become a label reader.  Products that say CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER or POISON on the label are hazardous and don't belong in the trash.  This kit includes a label reading exercise sing examples of common household items.  Learn how to safely use, store and dispose of household hazardous waste.  
request a toolkit | request a presentation | photo


Organics Recycling Display Kit
This is a display which may be used to teach which materials may be taken to a site (such as the Ramsey County Yard Waste Collection Sites)  or picked up by a trash hauler. It DOES NOT include home composting techniques. Rigid posters, 18” by 24” or 24” by 36” are used as the back drop for the display.

request a toolkit | photo


Recycled Products
Ever wonder what recycled tires eventually become or what commonly recycled item is used to make clothing?  Learn these answers and more by showing examples of recyclable items and what they're made into. 
request a toolkit | request a presentation | photo


Reduce Holiday Waste
From Thanksgiving to New Years Day, household waste increases by more than 25%.   Learn simple ways to reduce trash over the holidays by showing wrapping alternatives, making recycled name tags, and talking about "green" gift ideas. 
request a toolkit | request a presentation | photo


Smart Shopping
You probably don't go to the store saying, "I think I'll buy some garbage today." But depending on which products you choose, that is partly what you're doing.  Learn how to save money and the environment by making smart choices at the grocery store. 
request a toolkit | request a presentation | photo


Trash Trunk
A do-it-yourself toolkit that includes curriculum, hands-on activities, books and videos to help educate youth about garbage and waste reduction.  Borrow a Trash Trunk before touring the Resource Recovery facility in Newport for a well-rounded educational experience.
request a toolkit | request a presentation | photo


Can Cube Guessing Game
The Can Cube Guessing Game is an activity that involves using math to figure out how many cans are in the can cube. The can cube also provides a good segue into talking about the importance of aluminum recycling.

request the can cube guessing game | photo


Know What to Throw
Do you know what to throw?  Deciding what belongs in the recycling bin and what is trash can be confusing.  This interactive sorting game shows how to sort common items in your home.  It can be played as a relay game for groups that have lots of energy! 
request the know what to throw game |photo


Prize Wheel Game
The Rethink Recycling prize wheel is a freestanding, spinning game. The game consists of a spinning wheel that is divided into pie wedge sections with recycling photos. Contestants spin the wheel and are asked a trivia question that corresponds with the wedge. Questions of varying difficulty pair with each wedge, and are available in English, Spanish, Hmong, or Somali.  The prize wheel comes in a 3.5’ x 3’ x 0.5’ flat carrying case, and can be assembled to stand about 3.5’ high for table-top placement or 6.5’ high for floor display.
request the prize wheel game | photo


Recycle Fishing Game
Learn what can be recycled by helping to clean up this pond.  Kids get to "catch" items and then put in the right bin.  The game needs to be assembled and needs a large space (suggested minimum 10' x 10').  The following inventory is available:
request the recycle fishing game | photo | directions (pdf)

  • 5 fishing poles
  • blue mat ("water")
  • 1 recycling bin
  • 5 fence/posts (with screws) to assemble
  • 1 green canvas bag (extra supplies including washers, tape, string, screws and 1 Phillips screwdriver)
  • 1 blue plastic tote (carrying "fish"; recyclables and trash)


Boxes, Bottles and Banana Peels
Ramsey County partnered with Parkview Center School (PCS) in Roseville roll out an enhanced recycling program for food waste, paper, bottles and cans.  After implementing the program, PCS saw a cost savings as a result of reducing its number of trash pickups and increasing its number of recycling pickups. The video "Boxes, Bottles and Banana Peels" is a fun introduction to school recycling and has helpful tips for starting a program at your school.
Boxes, Bottles and Banana Peels video | request a DVD


Cafeteria Food Waste Recycling Video

Ramsey County partnered with Saint Paul Public Schools to educate students and staff about the importance of recycling their food waste and feeding it to livestock.  Through recycling food waste, schools in the district were able to save money while also helping the environment.  Cafeteria Food Waste Recycling: How to Turn Elephants into Pigs is a video that shows the importance of food waste recycling and how to start a program in your school.
How To Turn Elephants Into Pigs video | request a DVD


Publications (pdf) | request a publication

Batteries | Electronics | Fluorescent Lights | Going Green Guide | Green Meeting | Green Party | Household Hazardous Waste, Needles & Syringes
Medicine (fact sheet) | Medicine (rack card) | Needles and Syringes | Organics Recycling |  RecyclingYard Waste 


Electronics  | Fluorescent Lights | Household Hazardous Waste | Medicine | Yard Waste


Electronics  | Fluorescent Lights | Household Hazardous Waste | Medicine | Recycling | Yard Waste

Electronics | Fluorescent Lights | Household Hazardous Waste | Medicine | Yard Waste 


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