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New to the area? 
Here are some commonly asked questions about residential trash collection in Ramsey County. 

Who picks up my trash? 
If you live in Little Canada, North Saint Paul, Vadnais Heights, White Bear Lake or White Bear Township, the trash hauler is hired by the city.  If you live in Arden Hills, Gem Lake, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Maplewood, Mounds View, North Oaks, Roseville, Saint Anthony, Saint Paul, and Shoreview, you choose any trash hauler licensed by your city.  For more information, contact City Hall

How do I choose a trash hauler?
The first step in choosing a trash hauler is knowing which haulers are licensed in your city.  Then, start making some calls.   Ask about price, services offered, and where your waste goes for disposal.  For a list of haulers licensed by the city you live in, contact City Hall

Can I haul my own trash?
Yes, there are several transfer stations that accept household waste directly from residents.  Contact them for information on hours, prices, acceptable material and directions.

Advanced Disposal | 309 Como Ave., St. Paul | 651.487.8546
J & J Recycling | 607 Barge Channel Rd, St. Paul | 651.227.4457
Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service | 565 Barge Channel Rd, St. Paul | 651.457.3680
RRT Newport | 2901 Maxwell Ave., Newport | 651.768.6670 
Twin City Refuse | 318 W Water St, St. Paul | 651.227.1549
Veit Disposal Systems (construction and demolition waste only) | 1305 Pierce Butler Route, St. Paul | 651.646.3655

How do I know what to throw? 
Some of what we throw away should be recycled, composted or handled in special ways.  The A to Z Disposal Guide has information on safe and responsible disposal of household items. 

How do I get rid of construction and remodeling waste?
Refer to our A to Z Disposal Guide for a list of businesses that accept old cabinets and appliances, and leftover building materials and supplies. 

What do I do with grass clippings, leaves and other plant waste from my yard?
Ask your trash service provider if curbside pickup is available or bring it to a Ramsey County yard waste collection site for free.  Sites are open to Ramsey County residents only (NO stumps).  

Can I recycle? 
Everyone living in Ramsey County should have the opportunity to recycle at their home or apartment.  Recycling collection programs are coordinated or provided by your city.  For more information, contact City Hall | A to Z Disposal Guide | 

Where does my trash go?
Your trash hauler must tell you where your trash is going.  It is the law in Minnesota.  Every year, your hauler must send you a written statement that tells you.  If you don't remember receiving it, call and ask for a copy.  It is your trash, and your responsibility.  Know where it is going.   

Do I have a choice where my trash goes? 
Yes, you maintain the legal right to determine the final destination for your trash, unless you sign a contract with your trash hauler stating otherwise. Sending your waste to the cheapest facility can create financial risk, or liability, for you.  It can also undermine locally sponsored waste management programs, harm the environment and waste resources. When you are approached by trash haulers or landfill operators who say they can provide less expensive disposal services, you need to ask "Am I getting what I pay for?"  Some haulers offer low cost services by delivering the waste to landfills in Wisconsin or Iowa.

Am I liable if my trash hauler mismanages my trash?
Financial liability can arise if contamination is discovered at a landfill, and must be cleaned up.  Federal law regards all people or businesses that send waste to a landfill, regardless of how much or what type, as a "potentially responsible party," or PRP.  PRPs can be sued by landfill operators or other PRPs to recover money to help pay for landfill clean up.  Such liability is not legal theory, businesses and governments in Ramsey County have paid for such cleanups at landfills in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Some haulers and landfills have begun to offer "indemnification," which promises to accept responsibility for such liability.  Review such offers carefully, and consider getting legal advice before signing the indemnification paperwork.  Under federal law, you are considered a PRP at every landfill that receives your waste.

What is the County Environmental Charge? 
The County Environmental Charge (CEC) is a volume based fee assessed by licensed haulers to Ramsey County residents and businesses.  The intent of the CEC is to provide an incentive to reduce waste, and increase recycling, composting, and other waste reduction methods. For more information on the CEC.

What is the current CEC rate?
2012 rate is 28% for residential customers and 53% for non-residential customers. Transfer stations in Ramsey County charge 28% for all customers who bring in their own waste.  The 2012 rate applies to services provided anytime, regardless of the date of the billing.  The CEC is collected by trash haulers and remitted to the County monthly.  Haulers are required to separately list "County Environmental Charge" on the garbage bill with the dollar amount.

Services Funded by the CEC
The CEC largely pays for waste handling at the Ramsey/Washington County Resource Recovery Facility, where most of the garbage from Ramsey County is delivered and processed into fuel for generating electricity in Minnesota.  The CEC also supports County waste management programs like household hazardous waste and yard waste collection sites, and waste reduction education.

Additional Questions?
Ramsey County's Solid Waste and Recycling Hotline at 651.633.EASY (3279) or AskEH

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